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Puppet 2.6.8 Release

This week we released Puppet 2.6.8, the latest maintenance release in our 2.6 series. This release addresses several issues users have had with previous Puppet 2.6 releases, as well as adding in a couple of nifty new features:
  • (#2311) The deprecated darwinports provider has been replaced by a new MacPorts provider. This allows Puppet users managing Mac OS X systems to specify UNIX packages in their manifests to be built, installed, and managed by MacPorts.
  • (#4844) Puppet now features a Shell provider for the Exec type that allows users to specify inline shell code within a manifest, rather than referring to an external shell script file. The previous functionality of the Exec provider has been transferred to a POSIX provider for the Exec type.
  • (#5670) In previous 2.6 versions, a bug caused failing resources to notify other resources that depended on them, causing them to be trigged erroneously. As of 2.6.8 this behavior has been fixed, and failing resources will not cause refreshes in any resources than depend on them.
  • (#5477) Previously, if a catalog referred to a file that did not exist when it was compiled, it would not detect the file's creation or any subsequent changes to it. This caused particular problems if the site.pp manifest did not exist yet when a puppetmaster's catalog was compiled, requiring the master to be restarted. The fix we have implemented in 2.6.8 resolves this issue, so that puppetmasters will detect the creation of a site.pp file.