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My birthday's coming up, which means that the operations world is once again conspiring to force me to spend the week in San Francisco at conferences rather than at home, sauced on Bourbon and playing video games.

First there's O'Reilly's Velocity Conference, June 22-24, which is a kind of split between operations and web performance.  It's very technical and a good representation of the O'Reilly style of conference. I unfortunately won't be able to make the conference, but Teyo Tyree and James Turnbull will be there (although unfortunately Teyo's talk was not accepted).  Find them in the hallways, ask them annoying Puppet questions, and if you submit a résumé for our Professional Services position, maybe you'll get a Puppet shirt.

Then is GigaOm's Structure Conference, June 23-24, which is much more strategy and business focused, and this year they're spending a lot of time on how the cloudy new world is affecting enterprise operations.  GigaOm is a sister-company, in that we're both funded by True Ventures, but I've been following Om since his days at Business 2.0 days, and his company has done a great job with Structure. It's been especially interesting to me as a technical person trying to survive in the business world - Structure manages to draw the best companies and people in technology, and it's been invaluable being able to corner the people responsible for the technology we love and hate.  I'll be there, wandering the halls and looking out of place, so please track me down and ask me why our marketing isn't more focused on the cloud.  Or, of course, you can ask how you can use Puppet to build your own cloud.

GigaOm has provided a $100 discount code for the Puppet community. (I also managed to finagle free attendance again from them, for the record.)

Lastly there's the devopsdays Open Spaces barcamp-style event, on June 25..  Its web site is pretty sparse, but the sister event in Europe was popular, and it's being run by Patrick Debois, who also ran Puppet Camp Europe, which was a great success.  I'll be on a panel with some other tool authors, and James Turnbull is also going to be on a panel, I believe.  I'll probably cut out early on this one, because it'll be my fifth week of travel in a row, but now that James has moved to Portland, you can ask him for five reasons why Portland is better than Melbourne.

All three events should be great, but even if you can't make any of them, you should get a lot out of all of the posts, talks, and tweets that come out of them.

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