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New Puppet Trainings (May-June 2011)

We've scheduled trainings through June 2011, which means our Puppeteers are coming to you (assuming you live in or near one of these five cities) to share their expertise, near infinite patience, and free t-shirts.

New Puppet Trainings

There are still tickets (and in many cases, early bird discount prices) available for these upcoming trainings as well:

March Training

These are all Puppet Master trainings, which tend to be really good for both beginners and folks with a bit of experience, and ideal for picking up best practices. Many of these trainings are happening in conjunction with conferences, user groups, or meetups in the area—all of these are listed in our latest giant compilation of community events. If you're looking for something more MCollective or developer-focused, we're doing a whirlwind week of Amsterdam offerings right before Puppet Camp. These trainings come with a free ticket to Puppet Camp, allowing you to make the most of your Puppet adventure in Amsterdam. As always, we offer private, specialized, and specific on-site trainings. If the list of dates and locations hasn't convinced you that Puppet training and Puppet Camp are awesome, be sure to check out some past posts on the experiences:

Why do I need Puppet Training?

Recap of Puppet Camp North America 2010

Getting the Most out of Puppet Camp

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