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New Gartner Report: How to lead digital disruption with programmable infrastructure

Adopt programmable infrastructure with help from Gartner

A hybrid infrastructure strategy is integral in creating a successful digital transformation in your enterprise. Programmable infrastructure (PI), or Infrastructure as Code, makes these strategies work in the real world. This blog will cover some highlights from the Gartner Report on why I&O leaders must adopt programmable infrastructure to enhance customer-focused agility.

I&O leaders are frequently under pressure to adopt emerging technologies and innovations to keep up with digital transformations. To drive infrastructure-led disruption (ILD) and rapidly deliver business value, many I&O leaders are implementing PI. In the 2018 Gartner Programmable Infrastructure Survey, respondents indicated that the following were the top four expected benefits of PI adoption:

  • Increased agility
  • Fewer infrastructure failures
  • Reduced cost
  • Improved efficiency

But what if your I&O team lacks the collaborative structures and software engineering skills needed to achieve these benefits? The Gartner PI Survey found that 61% of respondents indicated that the lack of expertise and skills within their staff was the top barrier to adopting programmable infrastructure, as shown below.


I&O leaders who fail to adopt agile and scalable infrastructure services risk being excluded from further digital transformation, so I&O leaders should seek strategies to help their teams successfully adopt PI platforms that enhance customer value. The Gartner Report covers three key steps to help your I&O team achieve these goals:

  1. Architect: Design for API-driven PI that enables agility and scalability
  2. Provision services: Create self-service platforms that enable business agility
  3. Operate: Develop PI software engineering skills and build communities of practice to institutionalize knowledge

Learn more and download the report

To hear more from Gartner on enhancing business agility, enabling cloud-native application development, best practices for delivering business value with DevOps, and the infrastructure tools needed for your enterprise’s success, download the report.