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So you know Puppet Enterprise inside and out. You’re the go-to person at your company for questions about everything from configuring your Puppet installation to setting up Windows for system and application monitoring. You’ve seen your teams go from trying to manage infrastructure through a chaos of scripts and manual deployments to delivering more software faster than ever, while maintaining quality, security, and reliability.

Or maybe you’re new to Puppet and your team members are increasing productivity with IT automation and you could use some guidance on what you should automate next or what Puppet tooling will make you even better.

Whatever stage you’re at in your usage of Puppet Enterprise we are excited to invite you to the Puppet Knowledge Base, a valuable centralized repository of information on Puppet. We’ve found that sometimes the best support means getting out of our customer’s way — providing the right information at the right time with a repository of how-to’s, tutorials, and troubleshooting documents on a wide variety of topics. The Puppet knowledge base is your best friend for those “help me help myself” times.

We’ve organized the Puppet Knowledge Base dedicated sections that:

  • Help administrators install and configure Puppet.
  • Offer insights about how to get the most out of new features in Puppet Enterprise.
  • Best practices for upgrading and managing Puppet
  • How to integrate with Puppet, leveraging prebuilt modules for technologies such as AWS, Azure, Docker, Red Hat, VMware and much, much more.

You can find — and share with your team — videos from the Puppet community covering best practices in application orchestration, continuous delivery, DevOps, software defined infrastructure, the Puppet ecosystem and creating a culture of change. We’ve also made it easy to find release notes for our latest releases to keep you up-to-date on the cool new things you can do in Puppet as well as bug fixes. And you can also learn how to submit a support ticket if you need direct help from our Support team.

Thanks to the questions and feedback from Puppet Enterprise customers like yourself, the knowledge base has become an active venue for sharing best practices and ideas. And while we think it’s pretty handy to have all of this great content in one place, we know the knowledge base is only as good as its members which is why we’d like to have you join.

Are you a Puppet Enterprise customer? Fantastic! Get access to the Puppet Knowledge Base and start searching for information to help you use Puppet Enterprise with confidence.

We hope you’ll join!

Stephanie Stouck is a senior services marketing manager at Puppet.

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