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We have so many Puppet-related activities happening in and around FOSDEM that I decided to do a blog post to make sure that people know about all of them!

On January 31 and February 1, we are hosting Puppet Camp Ghent, which is only a short, 30 minute train ride from FOSDEM. Puppet Camp Ghent has 2 full days of presentations on a wide variety of Puppet topics along with space for ad hoc, unconference sessions both afternoons. We have presentations from several Puppet Labs employees, including Eric Sorenson (Puppet product owner), R.I.Pienaar (developer and author of MCollective), Ralph Luchs (Director of Education), and me (Puppet Community Lead). It is also co-located with Build A Cloud Day on February 1. We will wrap up with plenty of time to take the train to Brussels for the FOSDEM Friday Beer Event.

On Saturday at FOSDEM, we encourage you to attend the Configuration / Systems Management DevRoom. It kicks off with an introduction to various configuration management tools, including Puppet, with Eric Sorenson as one of the presenters. In the Testing and Automation DevRoom, Andy Parker and Jeff Weiss have a talk about Metaphor and BDD, using the ideas for an ENC that they have been prototyping as an example, which is open sourced and available on GitHub. I will also be presenting on Saturday in the Community DevRoom on the topic of Open Source Community Metrics.

Throughout FOSDEM, there will also be a Puppet Community Stand organized by Walter Heck. They are still looking for a few more volunteers to hang out at the booth and demo Puppet or answer questions.

After FOSDEM on February 4 and 5, Kris Buytaert is organizing the #monitoringlove hack sessions in Antwerp, Belgium (again, a short train ride from Brussels). Eric Sorenson, Andy Parker, R.I.Pienaar, and possibly others from Puppet Labs will be there to hack on some monitoring code.

If that isn’t enough, we also have Puppet Camp Stockholm on February 7, Puppet Camp Oslo on February 13, and about a dozen more upcoming Puppet Camps over the next couple of months.

Even though these events are coming up soon, it isn’t too late to attend! We hope to see many of you in Belgium from January 31 through February 5!

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