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Introducing Puppet support for Amazon Linux 2

As part of Puppet’s expansive support for various operating systems, we are pleased to announce support for Puppet Enterprise and open source Puppet on Amazon Linux 2. Amazon Linux 2 offers a modern application environment that includes the latest enhancements from the Linux community and offers long term support in two ways:

  • AWS will provide security updates and bug fixes for all packages in core until 30 June 2023.
  • AWS will maintain user-space Application Binary Interface (ABI) compatibility for a select set of packages in core.

Currently, OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise uses Amazon Linux 2 as its server platform for Puppet Enterprise installations of 2017.3 and newer to support Amazon Linux 2 as an agent platform.

As part of Amazon Linux 2, Puppet users can easily develop, test, and certify applications from their local dev environment backed by AWS support.

Leveraging Puppet on AWS

If you’re planning on utilizing Amazon Linux 2 with Puppet, here are a couple of the known use cases that our users adopt to manage their cloud infrastructures at scale.

Reducing configuration drift

Automation and DevOps practices are imperative to increasing speed and agility, especially on the cloud. Unplanned or unforeseen changes to systems can cause configuration drift, causing organizations to face downtime due to unreproducible server setup, human error, and lack of automated testing and validation. This downtime can add up, resulting in opportunity and revenue costs.

Use Puppet as a consistent approach to manage infrastructure and applications, and to enable full portability as you move from on-premises into the cloud and toward a modern hybrid infrastructure. Whether you’re migrating workloads to AWS or building cloud native apps, Puppet allows you to define your infrastructure and applications once, consistently provision new infrastructure on demand, and continuously manage the entire software lifecycle.

Simplifying security audits

Industries like healthcare, government and banking adhere to compliance standards to protect customers and to keep their operations running lawfully. Auditing servers and systems at the scale of cloud can present a real challenge to enterprises due to the large number of servers and ephemeral services under their control.

When each server is configured manually, it becomes arduous to ensure that each one is configured the same way and is functioning correctly. For auditing purposes, having an automated IT approach gives businesses immediate visibility into their current state.

Puppet provides deep, intuitive visibility into your cloud and on-premises infrastructures with its automated processes, allowing organizations to quickly and automatically identify, reconcile and revert intentional and unintentional changes to their systems to reduce downtime. Businesses that employ this automated solution say they spend 50% less time remediating security issues.

Get started or learn more

We’re excited about the Amazon Linux 2 release and encourage everyone to catch up on the latest via AWS documentation and our own solution briefs and documentation.

Cody Herriges is a senior business development manager at Puppet.