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I'm Dawn Foster, and I'm really excited to have joined Puppet Labs on September 27th as the new Community Manager.

Here is a little background to help you understand why I'm crazy enough to want to be an open source community manager. I've been working with open source communities mostly full-time for the past 12 years, and I've been using open source software since the early '90s.

I've been a UNIX sysadmin, a programmer, a program manager, a market researcher and more. I've managed quite a few open source communities over the past few years, including Tizen and MeeGo, while working in Intel's Open Source Technology Center, Openfire at Jive Software, etc. I also have a BS in Computer Science and an MBA, which just proves that I'm one of those weird people who likes to take classes and hang out at universities.

On a personal note, I ...

  • Drink too much green tea
  • Am a data / metrics geek
  • Actually enjoy running and lifting weights
  • Wrote 2 books: one on community and a vegan cookbook
  • Read a lot of science fiction / fantasy (see my website for a list)

As I mentioned during PuppetConf, feel free to let me me know:

  • What you love about the Puppet community (I'll try not to screw it up)
  • What you don't like (I'll try to fix it)
  • When someone isn't responding (I can glare at the right person until we reply to pull requests, bugs or other neglected bits)

You can find me here on the mailing lists or via:

You can also find me at some upcoming events:

To ease into my new role, I will spend most of my time lurking, learning and working on published community metrics during my first month. On that note, I have been working diligently to get the metrics ready. I plan to post them monthly here on the Puppet Labs website. The data from September should be posted in the next couple of days, and I plan to post the October data during the first week of November. Stay tuned!

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