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Get your best success with Puppet — work with a Puppet TAM

Putting the right software and systems in place — and then ensuring they are used in the most optimal way — can be daunting for many organizations. That’s why costly enterprise software often goes mostly unused, and business problems don't get solved.

I’ve seen this happen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the organization had a change of direction; or couldn’t fully implement a solution; or never figured out how to take advantage of key capabilities that were the reason the org purchased the software in the first place.

When there is no clear vision, it’s difficult for teams to achieve greatness. Have you ever wondered why your teams are not performing as well as they could? Have you reviewed the goals and KPIs you’ve set for them? Are these goals and KPIs clear and achievable?

Asking and answering these questions is vital to ensuring Puppet customers can use Puppet products and services optimally to drive organizational success. But many organizations are too busy to focus on them. Helping you do that is exactly where a Puppet technical account manager (TAM) can really help.

Customer advocacy

Puppet TAMs connect everything together to address your business and technical hurdles. They are the eyes and ears of you, the customer, as they build a comprehensive understanding of your business needs and objectives.

Puppet TAMs work to coordinate and communicate the status of issues that affect your business. They drive account meetings, business reviews, and meetings with Puppet product and engineering teams. This critical connection and advocacy for your needs helps tie everyone together, and provides a conduit for you to ask questions and give feedback.

Guidance and planning

Your technical account manager's Puppet expertise will help you identify how Puppet can best help you reach your goals — both near-term and future goals. Instead of just purchasing another piece of software and then being left on your own, working with a TAM helps you meet the initial goals that drove your Puppet purchase, and then move on to other projects. Your TAM will help you and your team build a roadmap to extend way beyond what you purchased Puppet for in the first place.

As Puppet continues to evolve, your Puppet workflow will improve alongside it, because your TAM understands how you use Puppet. As new capabilities are introduced, your TAM identifies how those features will improve your workflow.

Connect and network

While our TAMs work hard to build deep relationships with you, they also invest a lot of time and effort in developing relationships with groups within Puppet, such as product management, engineering, professional services, and support. You benefit from this because it offers many avenues for your voice to be heard, whether through your TAM or directly with these teams during Technical Advisory Board meetings.

Customers, TAMs, engineering and product management, working together, help improve Puppet solutions by delivering that valuable feedback. And everyone has something to gain from this interchange.

As you become more successful and achieve your business goals, you’ll want to share those accomplishments with a wider group. TAMs help you build that story to communicate to your peers, and help them understand how Puppet can enable their own success.

Puppet TAMs are an expression of Puppet culture

At Puppet, we have an open culture. Transparency and collaboration are key to how we work together and provide feedback. This culture helps to ensure our TAMs are the best advocate for our customers.

Discover why Puppet’s customers are thrilled with the results they have achieved by partnering with a TAM. Contact us to learn how your organization can benefit from the expertise of a Puppet TAM.

Stephanie Stouck is a senior services marketing manager at Puppet.

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