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I had a great time at Puppet Camp Dallas on June 10. We held it in the historic Granada Theater, which showed movies in the 1940s and now hosts live entertainment. I wonder how many people went back the following night to see geek favorites Pat Rothfuss and comedy act Paul and Storm.

Owen Rodabaugh kicked off the day with the Puppet Keynote, talking about why we need configuration management, all of the various technologies that come together to make Puppet and Puppet Enterprise, and where to go from here.

Next we had a couple of great presentations before taking a break for lunch. Jake Robinson of VMware talked about using Puppet in hybrid cloud deployments, and Greg Swift of Rackspace went into detail on how to use custom types and providers powered by AugeasProviders.

The afternoon featured several lively talks, starting with Byron Miller's presentation, Configuration Management in the Enterprise. Next up: a Puppet demo from Dave Roberts at Puppet Labs. Chris Bowles, University of Texas at Austin, continued the enterprise thread with Puppet for Everybody! Federated and Hierarchical Puppet Enterprise.

We ended the day with a talk from Joe Rodriguez of the Puppet Labs operations team: How Puppet Ops Rolls. Then we adjourned for drinks, snacks, and more great conversation.

If you missed this one, you can get links to presentations and view materials from past Puppet Camps by checking out the Previous Puppet Camps section of the Puppet Camp page.

If you are interested in attending a future Puppet Camp, there are more coming up in New York, Chicago, Boston, Düsseldorf, Melbourne, Seattle and London. If you are interested in speaking at a Puppet Camp, we're still accepting talk proposals for Düsseldorf, Melbourne, Seattle and London. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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