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Take Control of your DevOps Dumping Ground

Learn How to Use Relay to Clean up Your DevOps Dumping Ground

As the automation surface area grows to accommodate hundreds of interconnected APIs on the cloud, developers are using their own, home-grown “digital duct tape” to manage a growing “DevOps dumping ground”. For a lot of organizations, home-grown glue logic is inconsistent, not repeatable, and expensive to maintain hundreds of event-based workflows and thousands of combinations. We believe that the answer lies in automation workflows. In particular, workflows-as-code that can be triggered by events. We want to replace engineers’ home-grown digital duct tape with reusable, event-driven workflows.

In an effort to deal with ad-hoc deployments and devops infrastructure CI/CD management, many devs try to create their own one-off automation tools or integration hubs, usually per team or per project. Examples include:

  • Using Lambda and writing functions for EC2 management tasks
  • Running scheduled jobs for EBS cleanup
  • Repurposing a CI/CD tool like Jenkins for incident response workflows

But this "dumping ground" current approach is Inefficient, expensive and risky

  • Inefficient because work is done as one offs that last forever, no reusability or repeatability
  • Expensive because spending time building tools and integrations isn't directly delivering customer value
  • Risky because sidestepping governance to get stuff done can lead to exposure and failures

This webinar presentation from Melissa Sussmann and Kenaz Kwa at Puppet gives viewers a peek into the beta version of Relay, a product for managing containerized apps. This presentation goes over what the team has learned in the process of working on Relay, the underpinnings of the product, and demonstrates a few example workflows to help you save time and money.