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We’d like to introduce Richard Pijnenburg as the latest Featured Community Member! Richard lives in South Wales and works at Elasticsearch as a Software Developer. Some of you may know him as electrical or ispavailability. He’s been instrumental in the evolution of acceptance testing at Puppet, specifically with Docker and in building the Logstash and Elasticsearch modules. We are so fortunate to have him in our community!

His Elasticsearch module was one of the first to be added to the Puppet Approved Module Program. We were excited to have it be apart of the launch of the Puppet Approved program at PuppetConf this year. It's great to see a module, like this one that Richard started working on before he ever joined Elasticsearch, become one of our recommended modules. This is thanks to Richard's dedication to developing the module, which has become extremely popular with other Puppet users in the past two years, since it was created. As of now, 33 people have contributed to the module, and it has been downloaded over 44,000 times.

Ryan Coleman, Puppet Forge and Modules Product Owner, says, "Elasticsearch is a critical part of Forge operations and gives me a lot of information about module consumption all across the system. Reviewing his Elasticsearch module was a no brainer and our back-and-forth during review was a pleasure. It's great to be able to recognize his work in this way."

His work with Beaker has also been essential. Alice Nodelman, Puppet Labs QA Toolsmith, adds, “electrical was an early adopter of Beaker – willing to work with new code, identify bugs and contribute patches. His Docker enabled automated acceptance testing system is an impressive example of Beaker in the wild. In addition to his technical expertise, he’s awesome to work with! I recommend him to new Beaker users as an excellent community resource.”

Our engineers can’t say enough awesome things about Richard! “Richard is an enormously active member of the Puppet community who has helped many of our users on IRC in the past, and has helped push forward the state of the art in acceptance testing with his efforts to ensure Docker works fantastically in Beaker. He maintains several modules relating to Logstash that are popular on the Forge. He's always a pleasure to work with and we appreciate all his contributions."

In his small amount of spare time, Richard likes to try out new software, watch movies, look after his animals and listen to music 24/7. He says, “ I love working with all the people at Puppet Labs. They are very helpful and open for ideas, and, of course, make great software!”

Thank you Richard, we love working with you too! You can follow Richard as @richardp82 on Twitter, or keep up with his code on GitHub and ispavailability on the Forge.

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