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Today, we'd like to feature Joshua Hoblitt as an exemplary community member. We're so grateful to work with folks like Josh.

Josh posts regularly on IRC, where he goes by ^conner, both helping out users on #puppet and helping out devs on #puppet-dev. Most recently, he was instrumental in helping us track down a thorny memory leak when running under Passenger. He experimented with various approaches which narrowed down the problem. Once we devised a patch, he tested it. His feedback gave us confidence that the next release of Puppet would truly solve the issue.

Josh has also contributed to numerous Puppet Labs' projects, including loads of contributions to Puppet Modules, not to mention, improvements to core projects like Puppet and Facter.

Best of all, Josh joins us in the office when he's visiting Portland for hacking sessions and burritos, entertaining us with exhilarating tales of deploying to astronomical observatories high up in the Chilean Andes.

Josh has been supporting astronomical research since 2002. Over the course of his career, he has supported observatories at 11 different sites. He also runs the Tucson Puppet User Group, so if you know any Puppet users near Tucson, let them know to join up!

Thanks, Josh! You can follow his writing at RTFM Read This Fine Material, follow him on Twitter as @jhoblitt, and check out his code on GitHub.

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