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Today, we'd like to feature John Bollinger as an exemplary community member! John consistently tops the charts for his help in the puppet-user and puppet-dev mailing lists. In the past six months, he’s answered over 300 messages — outstanding! We're so grateful to get to work with folks like John.

Kylo Ginsberg, a Puppet Labs software engineer, says, “John is incredibly helpful on both the puppet-users list, for everyone from new users to experienced users with odd corner cases, and on the puppet-dev list, where he invariably has super-thoughtful and reasoned arguments to further discussion of knotty design issues. His input is invaluable.”

Lauren Rother, Puppet Labs technical writer, shares, “John is a prolific contributor to the mailing list. The announcement of the release of the Puppet Language Style Guide on the list proved no exception. John weighed in with many points and opinions, presenting his own feedback as well as discussing the feedback of others. Ultimately, these discussions lead to a 2.0.1 updated release of the guide, and gave us a handful of things to look at for the next major version.”

John currently works as a computing and x-ray scientist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in southwest Tennessee. In his career there and elsewhere, he has served in a variety of sysadmin, software development and scientific roles. John told us why he’s so active in the Puppet community: “I am highly motivated to help people, but my participation is not altogether selfless. Assisting others with their Puppet problems also helps me stay sharp and keep abreast of Puppet developments. Contributing to design discussions is my way of helping Puppet stay strong and move in positive directions.”

Thanks, John, for helping others in the community learn from your experience! You can find John on LinkedIn, or in the Puppet mailing lists.

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Hear, hear! John also finds helpful ways to give his input, on top of the fact that he is so insightful and knowledgeable about the various aspects of Puppet. This attitude helps the users list maintain the kind of strong culture to which FOSS projects can aspire.

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