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Felix Frank is known as one of the top contributors of all time in the puppet-user mailing list. This is no small feat considering 8,618 messages were posted to the mailing lists, so far, in the first 3 quarters of this year. He answers questions on a variety of topics and helps patrol the list to make sure that the puppet community is vibrant and inclusive.

Felix works for GmbH as a Systems Engineer in Berlin, Germany. He's a long-standing contributor to the Puppet community, participating since 2010.

He fixes bugs in a wide variety of places. “He has fixed a lot of long standing bugs, such as the crontab provider, purging SSH keys, and bugs in the core Puppet code,” says Erik Dalen, system engineer at Spotify and Puppet Labs community member. Felix is a regular face at the Wednesday PR triage hangouts that the puppet team runs. His input at those events is instrumental in making the right decision about changes that are discussed.

Image of Felix Frank's mailing list contributions
Felix Frank's mailing list contributions

His valuable work in the community was recognized this year at PuppetConf. He was nominated as a finalist for the Most Valued Puppeteer Award by community members attending the Puppet Contributor Summit. The winner and three finalists were announced by Luke Kanies, Founder and CEO of Puppet Labs, during his keynote.

When he’s not hacking away at Puppet or engaging in community discussion, Felix devotes regular chunks of his time to cooking and the occasional SciFi/Fantasy novel. To offset all the screen time, he practices martial arts and rides his bike everywhere.

Felix is currently working on his debut book called Puppet Essentials, intended for a tech savvy audience with no prior Puppet experience. Seasoned operators, admins and developers can rapidly acquire much of the most crucial knowledge that is needed to make effective use of Puppet, with information ranging from manifest basics and design patterns to Hiera and PuppetDB. Even intermediate Puppet users will find a new thing or two.

Felix is not on Twitter at this time, but intends to start blogging about Puppet related topics soon. Check out his code on GitHub. Thanks for everything, Felix!

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I am testing puppet opensource 3.8.2. I did setup puppet master with Apache/Passenger. When I try to connect to master from agent I getn an error stating as below

puppet agent -tv
Warning: Setting modulepath is deprecated in puppet.conf. See
(at /usr/share/ruby/vendor_ruby/puppet/settings.rb:1141:in `issue_deprecation_warning')
Error: Could not request certificate: Could not intern from text/plain: Certname "" must not contain unprintable or non-ASCII characters
Exiting; failed to retrieve certificate and waitforcert is disabled

Can you please help. We are planning to bring the puppet infra to our team and we need to test on opensource first

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