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Photo of Daniele Sluijters, also known as Daenny

Daniele Sluitjers, also known as "daenney," was nominated as a Featured Community Member by Spencer Krum, who had this to say about him:

"Daenney has so much energy and enthusiasm. He loves to help people learn more about how to use Puppet on IRC. While he has his own way of doing things (Debian, Nginx, Hiera-as-an-ENC), he is happy to help others figure out solutions to their problems. In addition to all of this he made Puppetboard, one of the coolest community projects to hit the Puppet space in years. It takes a very different approach from some of the other dashboards because it acts as a frontend to PuppetDB, but it doesn't store any additional information."

We even recorded a podcast about Puppetboard. Daenney launched the project, and he has presented on the project himself at several recent events.

In addition to Puppetboard, Daenney helps out in a variety of ways. For example, he organized a Puppet community dinner meetup to give all of us a place to gather and talk about Puppet after an activity-packed day at FOSDEM, including the Configuration Management devroom. Daenney also actively participates in the mailing lists to answer user questions and participate in developer discussions. He has also answered quite a few questions on, and is an active participant in our bug tracker, always ready to file new bugs and update existing issues with more information. You will soon be able to read more of Daenney's helpful advice in the upcoming Apress book, Beginning Puppet, which he is co-authoring with a few other prominent community members.

And there's more! Daenney has been taking on more and more responsibility for helping out with puppetlabs-apt. He wrote his first type/provider for it recently, and he has other plans to improve that module. He has also been super helpful with all our weird Debian questions, and has understandably been described as "awesome" by people within Puppet Labs!

We'd like to thank Daenney for all his contributions, and for his friendly attitude that helps make the community a welcoming place! You can follow him on Github as daenney, or say “hi” on IRC.

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