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Improving our customers' ability to adapt to technological change is our mission here at Puppet Labs. Every team in the company — from HR to Product to Tech Alliances — is driven by this mission. It is embodied in our founding story, in our product, in our culture of experimentation. So I’m thrilled to announce our partnership with EMC. It’s a partnership we’ve been developing over a long time, and one that extends our company’s mission of enabling DevOps practices in a wider range of large enterprises.

More than 80 percent of Puppet Labs customers use products from EMC or the EMC Federation (made up of VMware, Pivotal Labs, VCE and RSA). Many of the customers we share with EMC and EMC Federation members are seeing that when their IT teams work faster, their business moves faster. We want to make it easier for all our customers to use Puppet Enterprise with the infrastructure that they already have.

The partnership has three key components:

  • Puppet Enterprise will now be available to EMC customers through the EMC Select Global Price List (the company’s service catalog). This means EMC customers can easily purchase pre-tested, fully supported Puppet Enterprise with any EMC hardware, software or services. Puppet Labs is in an exclusive group of EMC partners included in this program, so it is a big honor for us.
  • EMC’s Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) team has plans to release a set of reference architectures for hybrid cloud environments, with Puppet Enterprise included in the reference architecture designs as the automation tool of choice.
  • Puppet Labs is providing a “train the trainer” program for EMC’s professional service engineers, called the DevOps Readiness Program, to help EMC integrate DevOps best practices into its consulting and professional services efforts. We’re really excited about this, because it supports and extends our mission of promoting DevOps best practices within organizations of any size.

A few reasons why I’m personally excited about this alliance:

  • The partnership with EMC is the culmination of many hours invested by both companies in developing technologies to help our customers. The power of EMC’s cloud technologies in combination with Puppet Labs automation is already giving joint customers the ability to make technology changes much faster.

  • For years, we have been committed to evangelizing DevOps practices within organizations. We started as a company built by DevOps practitioners long before DevOps became a cultural movement (and an overused buzzword). That an established enterprise IT brand — a brand that the world’s largest companies trust — is as excited as we are about this alliance is yet further proof that DevOps is rapidly becoming the de facto approach to making technology and culture changes in the IT departments of large corporations.

What we heard from EMC was that their customers were asking them questions like:

  • “How do we shift our culture to be able to ship things more quickly?”
  • “How do we better support agile development?”
  • “How do we speed development, deployment and upgrade cycles?”

EMC’s customers are seeing a shift in their own cultures to DevOps practices, a shift that Puppet Labs has been leading for years. EMC has also told us that when it started hearing about Puppet Labs during sales discussions, that was a strong indication the deal would close.

There’s work to do on the alliance, and in the weeks ahead, the joint alliance team will begin to deliver a steady stream of resources. The EMC EHC reference architecture documents are targeted for release in early summer. Puppet Enterprise will be available on the EMC Select price list around the same time. And enablement activities for the field teams and partners will get underway soon. Making sure our sales teams, EMC’s sales teams and our customer support teams inspire delight in our customers is of paramount importance to us.

We set out this year to gain ubiquity within IT organizations. In order to do that, we’re aggressively partnering not just with companies in the DevOps toolchain, but also with companies in the data center. Partnerships like the one with EMC help us provide a frictionless experience for customers automating their work with Puppet Enterprise.

Feel free to reach out to me directly (john.leon at to learn more about how we’re helping Puppet Labs gain ubiquity within the enterprise.

John Leon is director of business development at Puppet Labs.

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