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Dustin has long been a fighter for the Light Side of the Force in the Puppet community, but with the last release of Puppet, his contributions moved to some serious next-level goodness.

Dustin Mitchell, Featured Puppet Community MemberAfter finishing hack sessions at PyCon, he spent a few days with us in the Puppet Labs offices. He showed up Friday morning and after getting Wi-Fi access he immediately dove in to one of the thorniest areas in Puppet—SSL certificates—which had been causing Mozilla major pain.

In just a couple of days, he and Jeff McCune had bashed through multiple bugs spanning three years of weird edge cases and added great support for using external certificate authorities. The fruits of their labor shipped in  Puppet 3.2, and should benefit not only Mozilla but everyone who’s trying to integrate Puppet with an existing SSL infrastructure. Kudos to Dustin for this valuable work, and many thanks to Mozilla for sponsoring it.

You can check out Dustin's great work on GitHub, chat with him on IRC as djmitche, or follow him on Google+.  The Puppet project he works on is entirely open—not just the modules, but everything. Check it out at  We're pleased to acknowledge him as our second Featured Community Member!

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