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The Contributor Summit is a unique opportunity to hack on projects, fix bugs, contribute to documentation and discuss topics related to Puppet with other community members and Puppet employees. You’ll get to immerse yourself in Puppet alongside others who understand your questions, concerns and ideas, and it’s a great way to start your PuppetConf experience.

The fifth Puppet Contributor Summit will be held on Wednesday, 19 October, the day before the full PuppetConf 2016 conference starts. There's an opening evening party for PuppetConf 2016 the evening of 19 October, so you can just segue right into the conference, which runs through 21 October. PuppetConf and its related events will be held at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in beautiful San Diego, California.

If you are currently contributing to Puppet, to related projects or to Puppet modules — or are interested in starting to contribute — then the Contributor Summit is for you! We would love to see the following people attend:

  • People who submit pull requests and contribute code to Puppet projects.
  • Community members working on related projects.
  • People who contribute to Puppet modules or contribute their own modules to the Puppet Forge.
  • Key community members who answer a lot of questions about using Puppet.
  • Longtime Puppet users who are interested in doing more.

Wondering why should you attend Contributor Summit? Here are some thoughts from folks who’ve attended in the past.

“I got a really strong sense of community out of participating in the Contributor Summit — not just of participation, but of belonging!” ~ Rob Nelson

“I was able to speak with community members about their interesting side projects around the Puppet ecosystem, and I was invited to join up and contribute myself! My work was reviewed and merged on the spot. Finding these opportunities to help my friends in the community felt great and was very rewarding!” ~ William Hopper

“I think the most useful thing for me is to have everyone in one place. So many ideas are exchanged and new things created when we're all together, unhampered by time zones. That, and it's just nice to socialise with people I ‘work' with.” ~ Daniele Sluijters

“It’s really great to have time to sit down and work with community members on a project we’ve been meaning to tackle. There’s just so much we can get done when we’re all together and able to focus on a certain project for a day.” ~ Morgan Rhodes

If you are would like to join your fellow Puppet community members at the Contributor Summit, please choose the combined PuppetConf + Contributor Summit ticket when you register for PuppetConf. The Contributor Summit won't cost you anything extra; registering just helps us know how many people to expect. Register by 15 July for the extended early bird discount, and get 30 percent off your PuppetConf ticket. That's a savings of more than $350!

We hope to see you there!

Meg Hartley is a community manager at Puppet.

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