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We’ve had an exciting fall with PuppetConf and the Contributor Summit in September and Puppet Camp Düsseldorf in October. Now we’re ramping up for #puppethack on December 4th and Contributor Summit EU on February 4th, plus a slew of Puppet Camps all over the world. The Puppet community has made many great contributions in July, August and September, and we'd like to take a moment to highlight some.

The Puppet mailing lists have been active with 2,591 messages and 533 participants. John Bollinger, Felix Frank, and Henrik Lindberg topped the charts with 148, 84 and 83 messages. Andy Parker, Christopher Wood and Trevor Vaughn also came in on top with 61, 56, and 41 contributions.

The Ask site, a platform for questions and answers about Puppet, lit up with 288 questions posted and 245 replies given. ramindk, llowder, and spuder helped answer many inquiries. We need your help answering even more questions!

As for our GitHub projects, we’ve seen 2,364 commits from 247 folks. Nick Fagerlund, Morgan Haskel, and Henrik Lindberg were the top three authors. We would like to thank Aaron Hicks for making so many module contributions over the past quarter, including his contributions to the puppetlabs-ruby and puppetlabs-apache modules.

You can view our metrics anytime on our new metrics site. Check out all the work our vibrant Puppet community is doing, in real time! We'd also like to thank the wonderful community metrics experts at Bitergia, who have been great partners in building our metrics website.

Thank you to everyone who participated this quarter in the mailing lists, in code revisions, at events, in module authorship, in person, in questions, and in answers. We love working with you.

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