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On June 2nd, community members and Puppet Labs employees gathered together online and in the office to fix bugs, submit pull requests and triage bugs for our quarterly Triage-a-Thon. The day started with a bang at 7 a.m. PST, with 29 folks already in IRC! Attendance remained steady, hovering right around 50 participants in IRC from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and averaging 15 to 20 in the office.

For this particular Triage-a-Thon, we tweaked the goals and requirements for participation, plus a few more changes and additions:

  • Work with people to fix bugs and submit pull requests (not just triaging)
  • Focus on quality over quantity (No tally board)
  • Raffle for $50 gift card every hour
  • Participation focusing on intermediate and advanced users
  • Special PDX Puppet User Group (PUG) meeting focused on content for beginners
  • Livestream of the PDX PUG meeting
  • Cookie social between the PDX PUG meeting and the Triage-a-Thon to allow for networking and community building (and a sugary recharge!)

Image of Triage-a-Thon participants hard at work

At this point, we can say that participation was significantly higher compared to our January Triage-a-Thon. According to Adrien Thebo, Puppet Labs software engineer, focusing on taking bugs through to completion, and emphasizing quality over quantity, made a significant difference in the quality of code coming out of the event.

No bellies grumbled, with pastries and doughnuts in the morning, delicious Mediterranean food from Nicholas Restaurant for lunch, and pizza and salad at the PDX PUG meeting.

Before the PDX PUG meeting started, participants chatted while munching on delicious cookies from Portland Bakery and Gluten Free Gem and sipping beer. Seeing so many community members in our office with smiles on their faces, chatting with each other and Puppet employees, made me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

The PDX PUG meeting started with Mike Stahnke, Colleen Murphy and Eric Sorenson giving talks targeted at Beginner Puppeteers. Mike Stahnke, ESO director at Puppet Labs, kicked off the meeting with his talk about how to get started with a successful Puppet setup replete with handwritten slides. Up next, Colleen Murphy, student and systems administrator at Portland State University, delivered her talk, “Writing and Publishing Puppet Modules”, full of digestible information aimed specifically at beginning Puppet users. Finally, Eric Sorenson, open source product owner at Puppet Labs, shared the many ways folks can plug into our dynamic community, giving special attention to new contributors. Attendees didn’t want to leave, and stayed to chat afterwards — a fabulous end to a productive day!

June’s Triage-a-Thon delivered high quality code, steady participation, and opportunities for all members of our community to participate and learn. Stay tuned to learn about the new twists we’ll be adding to the next Triage-a-Thon, and thanks to all who participated. We couldn’t have done it without you, literally!

Congratulations to our lucky raffle winners: Peter Souter, RaminK, Luke Hollins, Robert Nelson, Daniele Sluijters, Justin Lambert, Daniel Dreier, Carlos Salazar.

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