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Stronger DevOps Culture with Puppet and Vagrant

DevOps is a lot more than configuration management. DevOps is all about developers working more closely with operations to address business needs quickly, while keeping everything stable and running. Formalizing configuration management with a tool like Puppet is a big step towards this collaboration between developers and operations, because the process is formalized, can be version controlled, and offers a single point of truth for the configuration of environments.

Vagrant is another tool to help your organization transition to a DevOps culture. Vagrant also helps improve your entire workflow of using Puppet, improving development and process for both developers and operations.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about using Vagrant effectively with Puppet, and how it helps your organization work more efficiently in the process. I gave a talk at PuppetConf on advanced Vagrant usage with Puppet, and I’ve written an article for InfoQ on transitioning to a DevOps culture. This blog post will be a mix of both of those topics.