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Our last Puppetize Live stop was at Compagnietheater in Amsterdam. It was an honor to have our Puppet team, DevOps and automation experts, and our community along for the entirety of the Puppetize Live event.

Catch up on what went on during our inaugural Puppetize Live event with our collection of videos below or check out our recaps of San Francisco and Sydney. To join the discussion, head over to the Puppet Slack channel. Meet our experts and the community to chat about the event and learn more about the exciting Puppet news.

Puppet's Sandra Hamilton opened up the Amsterdam show

Our VP of Product, Matt Waxman, revealed new product announcements

Puppet’s Rick Sherman walked through agentless network automation

Check out the power of model-driven, declarative intent applied to a network without the need for on-box agents.

Aegon presented challenges and achievements of an enterprise-scale IT Team

Ronald Horst of Aegon talked about key DevOps wins, losses, and learnings from their IT team in the financial sector.

Puppet’s Lucy Wyman introduced us to what’s new with Puppet Bolt

Lucy Wyman walked the audience through new ways to combine imperative and declarative tasks to better automate infrastructure management. See more updates on Puppet Bolt from our recent announcement.

CERN's David Moreno Garcia conveyed the “Hows” and “Whats” of service monitoring

David Moreno Garcia joined us onstage to talk about how CERN uses Puppet Enterprise to monitor infrastructure and real situations where it has helped.

Puppet’s Jonathan Stewart showed us how to reduce security risks with DevOps practices

We learned key benefits of integrating security best practices into the DevOps space. It’s more than just a cultural shift and increased agility -- it can save money in the long-run.

KPN’s Andreas Knol walked through managing Puppet at scale with Splunk

Andreas Knol demonstrated how KPN uses the integration between Puppet Enterprise and Splunk to drive dashboards that track infrastructure management KPIs. They also explained how this information provides actionable intelligence to management, leading to smarter decision making.

Puppet’s Helen Campbell & Paula Muir gave us a look into module development

Want to develop a Puppet module? We learned how the Puppet team develops its modules, from automation of code quality control, automating documentation, and more.

example42 GmbH’s Martin Alfke showed us why you need Puppet to orchestrate containers

One might think that configuration management is no longer needed due to how easy it might be to spin up containers -- Martin Alfke explained why Puppet is still needed.

Learn more

The end of our Amsterdam show meant a wrap for Puppetize Live. What a ride! Join our Slack Community to talk about sessions or live stream talks you enjoyed and to meet more of the Puppet Community.

Please catch up with our other locations and what they had to share. Also take a look at the big Puppet announcements:

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