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AWS CloudFormation: Just Add Bootstrapping with Puppet

For an updated look at CloudFormation and Puppet, read about the integration work posted on January 6, 2012: Using CloudFormation to Build Out Fully Functional Stacks of Puppet Enterprise. Seen all the buzz about AWS CloudFormation? We're interested in it too. Contrary to the on-going speculation of its impact on Puppet or Chef, we see numerous ways in which CloudFormation and Puppet complement each other quite well. Zach Leslie recently pulled together a brief tutorial on bootstrapping AWS CloudFormation with Puppet. Just follow the four steps and the code samples in the tutorial. In case you missed it also check out R.I. Pienaar's recent blog post highlighting a demo of MCollective 1.0.1 using AWS CloudFormation. R.I. also shares his initial impressions of where AWS CloudFormation shines and where it needs some improvement. Let us know what you think. Where are you having issues? How else can we make it even easier to use Puppet and MCollective configure and manage EC2 services?
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