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Announcing Puppet Compliance Enforcement Modules

Announcing Compliance Enforcement Modules

Hi, it’s me...

Back again with something exciting: Puppet’s new Compliance Enforcement Modules, or CEMs.

We’ve been working on some pretty cool stuff since we launched Puppet Comply last year. Lots of great feedback has come in, and we’re thankful for every opportunity we get to show our customers how we can help. This feedback comes in many forms, but one of the things we’ve heard time and time again is that achieving compliance is still hard.

I don’t think it’s ever actually been easy.

Toiling through compliance initiatives

We’ve talked about the number of regulations that people are trying to adhere to, plus the ever-changing landscape of infrastructure. These things that continue to change keep us on our toes, and the truth is: they take up a lot of our precious time.

I wanted to avoid talking about the on-going pandemic, but I do think it’s important to mention how our lives have changed, priorities have shifted, and the time that we have to do things—personal things, professional things, and every other thing—has really changed everyone’s perspectives on what’s actually important.

Understanding our priorities has become a really important aspect of our lives. What is the most important thing for me to tackle right now? What is going to have the most impact? Do I really need to spend time on that?

How getting compliant saves you precious time

All of this is why I’m thrilled to announce that we are launching Compliance Enforcement Modules. These Puppet modules are specifically designed to remediate and enforce compliance issues against CIS benchmarks. By applying these modules to your nodes, you can automatically move into compliance and stay there. This is a turnkey solution designed for accelerating time-to-value by providing you with policy-as-code. Our customers have told us time and time again that they are strapped for time, resources, and expertise to do this themselves. Here’s how we give them time back.

Like everyone else, I have a lot going on. If there’s a way for me to save time and effort, I’m more than happy to.

That’s what the Compliance Enforcement Modules are all about. We’ve done the heavy lifting of going through CIS benchmarks and writing the Puppet modules so that you don’t have to. These modules will allow you to move faster towards achieving your compliance goals and give you a way to be continuously compliant. This also means that you don’t have to worry about updates since we’ll also be keeping the modules up to date as CIS updates the benchmarks.

You have more important things to focus on. Let Puppet help you achieve your compliance goals.

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