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It’s ready and we’re excited! Today, we’re pleased to announce that the Puppet Labs Workshop—our new online learning portal—is available. You can start registering for online courses today!

Puppet Labs currently offers education opportunities through our instructor-led courses (Puppet Fundamentals, Advanced Puppet, and Extending Puppet) and our Learning Puppet VM (with its associated tutorials). We wholeheartedly recommend you take advantage of these opportunities.

Our instructor-led courses are outstanding, but with so many great things happening with Puppet Enterprise, we’re not always able to cover all of them in a single class. In addition, we recognize that there are a variety of learners in our Puppet community. Some learners may just need to brush up on a single topic, while others may find that setting up a VM and stepping through a series of tutorials to be a daunting task. In other instances, learners may be hindered from taking our instructor-led courses because of time and/or budget.  This is where the Puppet Labs Workshop comes in handy.

The main purpose of the Workshop is to provide short, single-topic courses you can consume at your own pace. Each course is 10-15 minutes long, covering a single topic in Puppet or one of its surrounding technologies (such as MCollective, Facter or PuppetDB). There are four learning tracks in all: Puppet, Products, Technologies, and Forge & Modules.

We believe you should be in control of your learning experience, and we want to make that experience as easy as possible. Visit the Workshop today and review our current library of courses. We are continually building our library of offerings and will regularly release new content to the Workshop.

We can’t wait for you to get started! Begin by registering for the Puppet Labs Workshop today. Registering as a student in the Puppet Labs Workshop will allow you access to a personal learner profile that will not only track your progress through current and past online courses and quiz scores, but will also offer you the option to track your completed instructor-led training and  certifications. Visit us online today and learn about all that the Workshop has to offer!

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