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It's been just over two weeks since PuppetConf 2014 wrapped up, and the recorded talks and workshops are now available!

The 88 videos cover a wide range of technical topics — including tool-specific tutorials, case studies, automation best practices and more.

We're especially excited to make the recorded workshops available this year:

  • Backups with Exported Resources - Zach Leslie
  • Doing the Refactor Dance - Making Your Puppet Modules More Modular - Gary Larizza
  • Git and Code Organization for Managing Your Puppet Code - Terri Haber
  • Know Before You Push 'Go': Using the Beaker Acceptance Test Framework to Test Your Puppet Module Infrastructure - Adam Buxton
  • Monitoring with Exported Resources - Derrick Dymock
  • Puppet for Windows Users - Ethan Brown
  • Puppet Labs Partner Network - Scott Campbell, Jose Palafox, Tami Martin & Aaron Morrison
  • R10K - Zack Smith, Puppet Labs & Adrien Thebo
  • Running a Successful Puppet User Group - Kara Sowles
  • Using Puppet to Stand Up Centralized Logging and Metrics - Charles Dunbar

The conference was jam-packed with great content. If you're a little overwhelmed by the list, we've pulled a few recommendations to get you started.

If you're interested in specific tools, check out:

  • Killer R10K Workflow - Phil Zimmerman, Time Warner Cable
  • Plugging Chocolatey into Your Puppet Infrastructure - Rob Reynolds, Puppet Labs
  • Using Docker with Puppet - James Turnbull, Kickstarter

If you want to learn more about what's new in Puppet Labs projects and technologies:

  • To the Future! - Goals for Puppet 4 - Andrew Parker, Puppet Labs & Kylo Ginsberg, Puppet Labs
  • The Puppet Master on the JVM - Chris Price, Puppet Labs
  • Puppet Language 4.0 - Henrik Lindberg, Puppet Labs

If you're looking for broader lessons learned along the automation journey:

  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Puppet Users - David Danzilio, Constant Contact
  • How to Measure Everything: A Million Metrics Per Second with Minimal Developer Overhead - Jos Boumans, Krux
  • The Switch as a Server - Leslie Carr, Cumulus Networks

If you want to get better at your job (whether you're a junior sysadmin or a CEO):

  • Keynote: Trust Me - Kate Matsudaira, Popforms
  • The DevOps Field Guide to Cognitive Biases (2nd Edition) - Lindsay Holmwood, Bulletproof Networks
  • What Developers and Operations Can Learn from Design: 6 Ways to Work Better Together - Ashley Hathaway, IBM Watson

We hope you enjoy the talks! Let us know your thoughts.

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