Puppet Enterprise 1.1: New Platform Support and 5x the Free Nodes

Published on 16 June 2011 by

This week Puppet Labs released version 1.1 of Puppet Enterprise. During the 1.0 launch, we committed to expand the number of platforms supported, and this release is focused on just that. In addition to new platform support, we have changed the number of free licenses from 2 to 10. With 2 nodes, some of the evaluation options were limited. With 10, you should be able to deploy a small lab environment and learn about the value of Puppet Enterprise on your systems.

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Pro Puppet: A Handy (Indexed) Guide

Published on 8 June 2011 by

For about three years now (since basically 15 minutes after Pulling Strings with Puppet was released) James has been asked, “When is the 2nd edition coming out?” This is quickly followed by, “Why is the book so short?” And then the question one never gets sick of: “Why isn’t there an index?”

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A Question of Style

Published on 28 March 2011 by

One of the most common questions from the Puppet community is, "What's the best way to write a module/class/resource? What style does Puppet Labs use when they write manifests?" So internally we all got together and decided to write the definitive Puppet Style Guide. To do this we gathered the experience from the Professional Services, Operations, and Product teams and hashed out our individual styles, preferences, and ideas into a single document.

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