GSoC Project: Ruby DSL for Puppet

Published on 26 July 2012 by

My name is Mateusz Lenik, I study at Technical University in Wrocław, Poland. For the past two months, I've been working on expanding features of the Ruby DSL for Puppet. I’m a Ruby programmer and I was looking for Google Summer of Code projects in Ruby, which is how I came to Puppet Labs. My project goal is to release a version of the DSL that provides a feature parity between Puppet language and Ruby DSL. I’d also like to create a script that can (at least partially) convert manifests in Puppet language to Ruby DSL.

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Guest Post: Puppet + MCollective make for Quick Inventory Queries (Part 1 of 2)

Published on 29 March 2011 by

Mac Inventory/Warranty Lookups with MCollective

Maintaining an accurate inventory of all of your machines is an oft-neglected evil for IT staff. Knowing when a machine was purchased and, more importantly, if it's still under warranty is often overlooked until something malfunctions. Most vendors provide a way to access the machine's serial number programmatically, and many of them provide a web conduit to provide purchase and warranty information. This article will step you through setting this process up on a Mac running OS X.

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