Rich Pelavin: 3 Startups, 3 PuppetConfs

Published on 11 June 2013 by

Rich Pelavin is a serial entrepreneur — now on his third startup — who’s been coding for 40 years.Photo of Rich Pelavin of Reactor8 That long history with computing gives Rich an unusual perspective on technology, particularly in the area of configuration management, which he’s been working with for 18 years.

So it’s nice to hear that Rich plans to attend his third PuppetConf in San Francisco this August. Rich is very familiar with Puppet Labs technology: He’s been using it for more than two years in his newest company, Reactor8, an IT automation and infrastructure development startup that will be releasing workflow and collaboration tools for Puppet developers.

“They do a great job of educating you about Puppet [at PuppetConf],” Rich said. “And it’s great to network, to talk to these IT guys who are in the trenches and know the issues.”

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Behind the Music & Coming to PuppetConf: Erik Dalen

Published on 6 June 2013 by

Photo of Erik DalenIf you've ever listened to music on Spotify, you've benefited from Erik Dalen's work. He's a system engineer located at the company's office in Stockholm, Sweden, where Spotify was founded.

Most of Erik's work centers around maintaining the reliability of Spotify's high-demand production environment, a task complicated by the fact that  infrastructure must constantly expand to meet demand. "It's quite an exciting company," Erik said.

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Getting it Straight from the Source at PuppetConf: Justin Seabrook-Rocha & Patrick Adair

Published on 20 May 2013 by
When you’re responsible for keeping other people’s enterprise websites up and running, you never want to say you’re sorry they’re down. That’s why Justin Seabrook-Rocha and Patrick Adair both use Puppet technology in their work for Hurricane Electric, an internet services company whose transit backbone connects to more than 2,100 IP networks. Hurricane Electric is located in Fremont, California, and Justin & Patrick both work in the same building that was once the manufacturing facility for NeXT Computer, Steve Jobs' gig before his 1997 return to the helm of Apple. Both Justin, a network engineer, and Patrick, a network technician, are registered for PuppetConf in August. They’re expecting to get tips and advice from other attendees and speakers on ways to make their own Puppet infrastructure better, and the latest updates on what’s new with Puppet.
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