Module of the Week: razorsedge/vmwaretools part 2 - Manage VMware Virtualization Tools

Published on 1 November 2012 by
Purpose Helps you automate the management of VMware Tools.
Module rasorsedge/vmwaretools (v4.1.1 tested)
Puppet Version Tested on 2.7+ (Puppet Enterprise 2.0+)
Platforms RHEL, CentOS, SUSE, OEL (post written with CentOS)

Last time, on Module of the Week...

In a previous MOTW, I covered what problem this module solves and addressed a very simple workflow for using the module to manage VMware Tools.

This time, I'm going to dive into how the module is structured and explore some of the more advanced things you can do with it.

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Puppet Module Bounty: Logstash, Riak, and Graphite

Published on 20 August 2012 by

We're always looking to add awesome Puppet modules to the Puppet Forge. We often get requests for modules for stuff we aren't working on, but we know there are community members with tons of experience, or private modules covering the material. We're launching a contest to get these modules polished and published on the Puppet Forge. In short, we're hoping to generate interest in a few of our favorite tools.

Rules of the Contest

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Razor, now 100% open source

Published on 24 July 2012 by

In May, we announced the Razor project with EMC. Even though the product is still in beta, we've seen an exciting amount of testing and adoption of the next generation provisioning system. In our initial release, we open sourced Razor and provided Puppet modules to install Razor on Ubuntu Precise. One of interesting aspect of Razor is the ability to discover hardware via in memory instance of Razor MicroKernel (Razor MK).

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