Puppet and New Relic, Now on the Puppet Forge

Published on 30 November 2012 by

One of the things I’ve always found amusing about Operations is that people think we spend all of our time fixing broken things. It’s true to some extent: something breaks, we fix it. But the most challenging issues in Operations aren’t that simple binary break/fix. The really interesting issues are performance issues, intermittent bugs, and transitory problems: “it’s a little slow” or “something is off” or the “it’s not quite right” issues. Not only are those problems really challenging, but they can also really interesting (and often fun) to solve.

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Module of the Week: razorsedge/vmwaretools part 2 - Manage VMware Virtualization Tools

Published on 1 November 2012 by
Purpose Helps you automate the management of VMware Tools.
Module rasorsedge/vmwaretools (v4.1.1 tested)
Puppet Version Tested on 2.7+ (Puppet Enterprise 2.0+)
Platforms RHEL, CentOS, SUSE, OEL (post written with CentOS)

Last time, on Module of the Week...

In a previous MOTW, I covered what problem this module solves and addressed a very simple workflow for using the module to manage VMware Tools.

This time, I'm going to dive into how the module is structured and explore some of the more advanced things you can do with it.

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Writing Great Modules, Part 2

Published on 26 October 2012 by

It's been six months since I left you with part 1 of 'Writing Great Modules', a grab-bag of tips and patterns for writing better Puppet modules. It's been a great time for Forge and Puppet modules. Forge has seen the formation of a dedicated team (including myself as product owner), several updates to the product, and has grown to contain nearly double the modules in the last six months. We've been really busy! I've finally gotten some time to write a follow-up post with more things I consider important for modules on the Forge. Enjoy!

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Module of the Week: maestrodev/maven - Maven repository artifact downloads

Published on 14 September 2012 by

This week's Module of the Week is a guest post from Carlos Sanchez from MaestroDev.

Purpose Manage Apache Maven installation and download artifacts from Maven repositories
Module maestrodev/maven
Puppet Version 2.7+
Platforms RHEL5, RHEL6

The maven module allows Puppet users to install and configure Apache Maven, the build and project management tool, as well as easily use dependencies from Maven repositories.

If you use Maven repositories to store the artifacts resulting from your development process, whether you use Maven, Ivy, Gradle or any other tool capable of pushing builds to Maven repositories, this module defines a new maven type that will let you deploy those artifacts into any Puppet managed server. For instance, you can deploy WAR files directly from your Maven repository by just using their groupId, artifactId and version, bridging development and provisioning without any extra steps or packaging like RPMs or debs.

The maven type allows you to easily provision servers during development by using SNAPSHOT versions—using the latest build for provisioning. Together with a CI tool, this enables you to always keep your development servers up to date.

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