Puppet and New Relic, Now on the Puppet Forge

Published on 30 November 2012 by

One of the things I’ve always found amusing about Operations is that people think we spend all of our time fixing broken things. It’s true to some extent: something breaks, we fix it. But the most challenging issues in Operations aren’t that simple binary break/fix. The really interesting issues are performance issues, intermittent bugs, and transitory problems: “it’s a little slow” or “something is off” or the “it’s not quite right” issues. Not only are those problems really challenging, but they can also really interesting (and often fun) to solve.

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Puppet Community Metrics for October

Published on 5 November 2012 by

Last month, we started posting monthly community metrics reports with all kinds of interesting information about the Puppet Community. Here is a quick summary of the October edition of the metrics for your reading pleasure, but you can also download the full October metrics report (PDF link).

October Metrics Summary:

  • 4864 members and 1249 messages in Puppet-Users
  • 899 members and 157 messages in Puppet-Dev
  • 916 nicks on #puppet IRC channel
  • 1731 Puppet Forge users and 577 modules
  • 3526 Redmine accounts
  • 399 forks / 1014 watchers of Puppet
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Design Pattern for Dealing with Data

Published on 6 May 2011 by

The goal of this design pattern is to keep configurable data in one place and make it friendly to an ENC. This addresses the problem of module reusability. If you have are keeping data in your module, then someone else cannot just reuse your module without making changes to the code. This pattern solves that problem allowing for reusable modules.

A best practice is to have a module named 'common' that contains code that is used by all of your nodes. This class is then included in all of your nodes.

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