Q&A with the First Puppet Certified Professional

Published on 2 November 2012 by

At PuppetConf 2012 this past September, Puppet Labs launched its Puppet Certification Program. The first round of certification exams at PuppetConf was highly successful, with more than a hundred participants taking the challenging exams.

Today, we want to recognize the very first person to become Puppet certified: Steve Nielsen of comScore. We were able to get on the phone with Steve and ask him a few questions about his experience in taking -- and passing -- the Puppet Professional Certification exam.

Q: Steve, how did you get started with Puppet?
A: I manage the open source engineering group at comScore, and my team has been using Puppet since September 2010. We were originally using CFEngine for about seven-to-eight years. Over the course of time, it became increasingly difficult to make changes. I would change one thing and break something else. People on my team became afraid of making CFEngine changes. When we decided to upgrade our Linux environment, we started using Puppet. We now manage most of our Linux systems with Puppet.

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