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Pervasive automation: Don’t get left behind

In order to move faster and deliver better software, organizations need to scale automation broadly and deeply across their hybrid infrastructure and applications, including Dev and Ops. We call this the journey to pervasive automation, and while progress has its ups and downs, it’s how modern businesses prepare and adapt for tomorrow’s challenges.

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Before Puppet, it would take us some time between four weeks to never to achieve major changes across our infrastructure organization and our legacy fleet. Now by managing some of these settings with Puppet, we've been able to move from taking months, or in some cases never finishing some of these kinds of infrastructure changes or deployments, to being able to make those changes in hours.

Martin Jackson, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Walmart

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PORTLAND, ORE.—January 29, 2019 —…

Puppet, the standard for automating the delivery and operation of the software that powers everything around us, today announced the…

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We're excited to announce Puppet Contributor Summit and Puppetize PDX 2019. Get the details on the two events this year, submit talk proposals, or register!

The Puppet Cisco Nexus module now supports an agentless mode of operation, with no agent being deployed on the device. Read this post to learn more.

Based on user feedback, modules specified as “Puppet Enterprise-only” are now widely available for use with public-facing code repositories.

CRN® honors John Schwan as 2019 Channel Chief!