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From automating simple tasks to securing global infrastructure


End soul-crushing manual tasks. Automate away the mundane parts of your job, and spend more time doing things robots can’t do.



Manage infrastructure configuration and compliance at scale. Deploy updates quickly, securely, and predictably.


Puppet Enterprise



Remove repetitive, error-prone steps. Find and fix vulnerabilities with unprecedented speed and safety.

Puppet Remediate



Provision and orchestrate cloud-native infrastructure, quickly and consistently, across all of your clouds.


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Get lightning-fast task automation and orchestration for your infrastructure.

Open Source Puppet

Try our popular infrastructure-as-code language and automation framework.

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The 2018 State of DevOps Report

Your data-driven roadmap for DevOps success

Puppet + Splunk

Trigger automation and action through the enterprise systems you trust.

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The latest updates to Puppet’s portfolio give organizations and individuals alike the simplest way to get started with automation and succeed at scale.

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Avoid panic and unnecessary infrastructure issues by checking and extending the expiration of your Puppet Certificate Authority using Bolt.

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